How to organize a backpack?

How to organize a backpack?

Clueless about how to organize a backpack?

Should I carry this, I might need it? Should I carry that, what if no one else have it? Should I carry one extra pair? Will that solve the purpose? And so on…

Don’t get lost, everyone has these questions at first. No need to cram everything in without reading this blog. A well-loaded backpack will help you keep your balance and prevent nasty falls.

How can I organize a backpack?

Firstly, lay everything you want to take along with you on trekking like sleeping bag, clothes, camp, gears and other essentials on the floor.

Secondly, start putting the light weight items, like your sleeping bag at the bottom of the bag. It gives structure to the backpack, supports your lower back and is a solid base for items above it. In case tent is carried then it should be placed either immediately above the sleeping bag or as close to the middle as possible.

Thirdly, do not keep your luxury items which we know you don’t need, till there is a plenty of room left in the backpack at the end.

Here are certain tips which I am sure will be useful for you.  

  • The uppermost pocket that mounts on the top of most rucksacks, is your grab n’ go zipper while on the hiking. It is perfect for storing often-used items like snacks, knife, wet tissues, torch, etc.
  • Use front pouch to keep the light weight essentials like backpack rain cover, handkerchief, hand towel, etc. so that you can have instant access to it when you need.
Let's organize a backpack !!!
  • Advice to keep your clothes in plastic bags before packing and then push as much air as you can. Always roll your clothes while backpacking and try to make them as thin as possible. Carry 2-3 extra polythene bags.
  • Store your on the go essentials in the hip-belt pocket
  • Make efficient use of the extra pockets
  • Lash on trekking poles outside the backpack
  • The chest strap should be just tight enough to keep your shoulder straps from slipping.
  • Tighten compression straps to bring the load closer to your body, it stabilizes the load.
  • Well-loaded pack should have minimal items hanging off of it.
  • The weight of your rucksack should not be more than 20% of your body weight.
  • Double check all the straps and zips.
  • During your hike, loosen the hip belt a bit, fasten the shoulder straps or I should rather say, set it according to your body.
  • Whenever you stop for a break, make sure to take off your backpack. Allow your spine and posture some rest.

Backpacks can be different in design but some features are always common which definitely helps in organizing your gears efficiently. Make sure you are comfortable with it.

Yayyy!!! It’s done. So, as you are done with your backpacking, it would be great if you can share some of your ideas and issues you faced so that I can add into my backpacking for future.

Do share your crazy videos and have fun.

You can also read about important trekking essentials just to make sure you are not forgetting anything. Take Care.

Stay Strong. Stay Stoked!!!

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